“Paul, are you sure we’ll be able to see from here?”

“Yes, we have a good view of that path over there, and I have a feeling that’s important.  But why the concern?  I thought you were confident that the Paladins aren’t coming here.”

“Now that we’re actually out here, I find my confidence slipping a little.  I wish there were more bushes between us and that fence.”

“I hear something!  Someone’s coming!”

“I don’t believe it! It really is the Paladins!”

“Paul?  Why aren’t they stopping?  They seem to be moving on toward Main Campus.”

“Dey Hall!  They’re going to Dey Hall.  Come on, if we take a short cut through the tennis courts, we should be able to beat them there!”

“Paul, I still don’t understand why you’re so sure the Paladins are headed here.  They could be en route to any of two dozen places on Main Campus.  Why Dey Hall?”

“Just a feeling I have, Linnea.  Come on, we can hide in these bushes.”

“Great.  More bushes.”

“I can’t see a thing.  Can you?”

“OH, NO!”

“Quick, Linnea, come here!”

“Paul, what the . . . . ?!?!”

“Alright, you two.  Out of the bushes, now!  And keep your hands where I can see them!”

“Ma’am, is this . . . gentleman . . . bothering you?”

“Not in any way that’s against the law.”

“Well, then, I would suggest that you two . . . get a room.  Go on, get on out of here.”

“Paul, as soon as we are out of that police officer’s sight, I am going to kick you directly in the groin with all of the strength I can muster.”

“Oh, lighten up.  If he’d seen us lurking in the bushes, he would have arrested us for spying on the Paladins.  I had to think of another, legitmate, reason for us to be hiding behind a hedge, and kissing was all I could come up with on short notice.”

“Besides, it worked.  Look behind you.”

“I was right!”

Part 11


13 Responses to “Halloween”

  1. Ha! That was fantastic. Paul and Linnea hiding in the bushes, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! LOL! I loved the look of triumph on Paul’s face at the end. He’s so expressive.

  2. Thanks, Mao. I had SO MUCH trouble with the pictures on this one, I thought it would never get done! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. YAY!! An update!! ❤ I’m so very intrigued about what the Paladins are up to!
    Your screen shots are Amazing! Every single one is prefect for each bit of the story. My favorite part: “I don’t believe it! It really is the Paladins!” With that screen shot is awesome. Paul’s face is too funny!

  4. Thanks, JMW. Paul is a really fun Sim to photograph!

  5. Ooh, the paladins marching in their robes looked really cool. And LOL at the kissing behind the hedge! Paul’s a quick thinker. And poor Linnea, getting caught off-guard like that. Heehee. Excellent episode as always! Love the atmosphere!

  6. Thanks, Jen! I loved the robes too, but, dag, the hoods seemed to be super high poly. Between the Paladins and the trees, I crashed that lot a dozen times. (Hence the pics taken in buy mode.) *blushes*

  7. The paladins marching was such a cool shot and through a graveyard no less. These guys are creepy and now they are out and about on campus!

    “Not in any way that’s against the law.” lol, her action matches the words perfectly in that pic.

  8. I did notice the Buy Mode pictures. No worries we all make small mistakes sometimes. The story was way too good to take much notice though. It was REALLY funny about the kissing-scene! 😀 😀 😀 🙂 Oh well, I guess they do make quite a good pair! 😉

  9. Ooo I just stumbled across this story and enjoyed it greatly. More please. 🙂

  10. Ann – LOL, I am so glad you mentioned that scene. It was my personal favorite from this update.

    Una – Thanks for the encouragement. I was going CRAZY over those pictures.

    Penelope – Welcome! I stopped by your blog and left you a note there. 😀

  11. Great expressions, as always! LMFBO at the kissing scene. He looks so proud at the end. I think he might have enjoyed that a bit 😉

  12. Yeh! An update but i’m quite late in catching up. That kissing scene is very funny!

  13. Ha ha ha, I loved Paul’s improvision. I’m with everyone else, I think he quiet enjoyed that little kiss.

    So I’m wondering what these Paladins are really up to, what would they need those outfits for?. Looks kinda like they’re planning a ritual of sorts to me.

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