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A Dark, And Other Tales

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Part 1 (”Fine, Don’t Tell Me!”)

Part 2 (”What Linnea Found”)

Part 3 (”Inside”)

Part 4 (”Something I Can’t Put My Finger On”)

Part 5 (”The Paladins”)

Part 6 (”Sleeping and Waking”)

Part 7 (”Naked To The Eye”)

Part 8 (”Dark and Light”)

Part 9 (”Saddle Up!”)

Part 10 (”Halloween”)

Part 11 (”What Did We Learn?”)

Part 12 (”Music and Memory”)

Part 13 (”Linnea’s Plan”)

Part 14 (”The Sealed Archives”)

Part 15 (“What Paul Never Found”)


What Paul Never Found

Posted in The Conclusion on December 1, 2008 by Beverly

ATTENTION:  Regular readers should be sure to read my comment at the end of this update.  Thank you!  – Bev.

“I’m glad that you’re speaking to me again, Paul.  It’s been four days.”

“I owed you at least four more days of the silent treatment, after you got me stuck in the library over night.  But, I can never stay mad at you.  Besides, I didn’t spend four days alone solely because of our library mishap.  I was dreaming again of my past life, and doing a great deal of thinking about it.”

“Oh?  Have you reached any interesting conclusions?”

“Well, yes.  Before I tell you about that, though, I’ll tell you about the dreams I had.”

“You remember I kept dreaming about looking at the ocean.  I had that dream again, only this time, the Card Shark was there, going swimming.  I felt so angry at him, Linnea, the hate was just overpowering . . . and I think that I . . . .”

“Something must have gone wrong, Linnea.  I think he must have gotten a cramp or something while he was swimming.   And I think that I . . . .”

“I think that I . . . .”

“I think that I let him drown.  On purpose.”

“Oh, Paul.”

“I know.”

“But, Paul, that wasn’t really you.  I mean, yes, it was you, but it wasn’t who you are now.”

“That’s the problem, Linnea.  I don’t think anymore that it was me at all.  I think that it’s all a bit too convenient, don’t you?  I start having these dreams and jumping to conclusions and everything ties in together so nicely – I assume that I loved the Mysterious Blonde, I assumed that she loved the Card Shark, I dream about him drowning, and I assume that I allowed it to happen out of jealousy.  It does seem a bit contrived, doesn’t it?”

“I have warned you before about the power of suggestion, but, Paul, are you saying that you’re giving up on the idea that these memories are from a past life?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe I am.  I guess I just need a break for a while.  I’ve been thinking about past lives and the Palandins every waking moment for months now.  Maybe dwelling on those thoughts has caused random images to pop into my head.  Maybe this last dream doesn’t really mean anything.”

“If you need a break, Paul, we’ll take a break.  How about we start right now?  We can go down to Sullivan’s and get some ice cream.  I’ll buy!  Just let me have a few minutes to get these boxes put away.  Unless you’d like to help me carry them into the outside storage area?”

“I don’t mind.  What is all this, anyway?”

“You remember I told you a couple of months ago that my grandmother died.  That was right before I took you to see the Paladins’ Castle.  These are some of her things, mostly old photographs and papers.  My mother sent them to me.  She thought that I’d like to have them, since I’m so interested in history.”

“You know, when you decide that you’re done with your ‘break’ from past life research, you should have a look through some of these boxes.  Did you know that my grandmother was a student here at Coates in the late 20th century?  There should be lots of material related to your time period.  And I mean lots!  I have several more boxes piled up in my bedroom.  My grandmother never threw anything away, and my mother sent me practically all the photos and documents.”

“Thanks, Linnea.  That’s nice of you, but right now, I think I’m more interested in ice cream.  Let’s go.  We can take these boxes to the storage room on the way out.”

“Alright.  I’m not sure I want to invite you into my bedroom just yet, anyway.  Maybe later . . . .”

“Maybe later.”