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What Did We Learn?

Posted in Part 11 on September 24, 2008 by Beverly

“Well, Paul, I must say this has been one of the most harrowing evenings I’ve ever spent in your company.”

“It wasn’t that bad.  Besides, we made a very important discovery.”

“What?  That you’re a lousy kisser?”

“I’m a lousy kisser?  Really?”

“Never mind.  Tell me what you think we discovered that’s so important.”

“Linnea!  We confirmed that I was a Paladin in my past life!  That’s important!”

“What makes you so sure we confirmed that?”

“How else would I have known they would go to Dey Hall after the cemetary?  I must have gone with them on that trip in another lifetime!”

“Linnea, what?  Why do you keep making that face?”

“It’s just strange for me to know you’re thinking this way.  You’re a scientist, Paul.  Why are you basing so much of this investigation on hunches and funny feelings?”

“Because I don’t have anything to go on besides hunches and funny feelings.  The only empirical evidence I can think of is in the sealed archives in the Coates Historical Collection.  Have you come up with a plan to get us access to those yet?”


“Excellent!  Tell me!”

“Not yet.  Not until I know for certain whether my idea will work.”

“Why can’t you just tell me now?”

“Because you’ll just go charging into the Historical Collection, completely unprepared, and get us both into serious trouble.  Trouble that cannot be avoided by grabbing me and giving me a big slobbery kiss!”

“So that was the problem with my kissing?  I slobbered too much?”

“Paul, I am going home.  Right now.  Get some sleep.”

“Hmmm.  Yeah.  I will.  Hmmmm.”

“Should I start trying something different with my tongue?  Why is it that Linnea is the only one to ever mention this?”

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