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Saddle Up!

Posted in Part 9 on August 29, 2008 by Beverly

“Good morning!”

“Paul?  Where are you?”

“I’m in the bedroom, but I’m undressed.  Don’t come back here!”

“Don’t worry about that!”

“Any new dreams to report?”

“No, nothing.”

“I don’t understand.  For two weeks, you were positively swamped with dreams and visions – about the Mysterious Blonde, the Card Shark, the Paladins’ Castle – then, three weeks ago, you have a dream about an albino banshee woman . . . .”

“I prefer to think of her as a guide.”

“Fine, a guide.  Who tells you that these are past life memories, and that you’ll have more of them – but then everything stops.”

“That’s because we lost our focus, Linnea.  The Paladins are the key to this mystery, and that’s why we’ve got to continue our research on them.  Have you had any success in gaining access to their files in the Coates Historical Collection?”

“No.  I made some discrete inquiries regarding access to restricted files.  It seems the library staff use retina scans to verify the identity of anyone requesting to see the archives.  Presumably, they also report unauthorized access attempts to the owners of the files.  I couldn’t confirm that, but it makes sense.”

“Well, then, you’ll just have to find another way to get to the files.”

“Paul, I . . . .”

“Wha . . .?”

“It’s only four days to Halloween, Linnea!”

“That’s so.  And you’re going to be attending Cessya’s party dressed as a deranged soldier.  Very clever.”

“We aren’t going to Cessya’s party.  We’re going to the campus cemetery to watch the Paladins’ midnight conclave.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!  I’ll thank you to stop using the word ‘we’!  There are so many problems with that idea, I can’t even begin to count them!”

“What problems?”

“First of all, we don’t even know for certain that  the Paladins actually HAVE a midnight conclave.  Secondly, we DO know for certain that  they have a tendency to ask the police to arrest people they catch spying on them.  Thirdly . . . thirdly . . . it’s just a stupid idea all around!”

“Linnea, I’ll say it again.  The Paladins are the key to all this.  We must find out more about them, and this is the only plan I have at the moment.”

“For five weeks now, I’ve barely slept, my studies are suffering . . . I’ve been questioning my own sanity.  Please.  You’re my best friend.  I need to be able to count on your help.”

“Alright, Colonel.  I’ll start looking for some size 4 cammos.”

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